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Legacy is staffed with some of the industry’s best qualified and trained concrete specialist. Legacy is active in the concrete industry's Polishing and Staining groups and stays current on the latest techniques and equipment. Legacy is qualified to do both the refinishing of existing locations as well as new construction.

Legacy also specializes in Refurbishing Existing Concrete floors or converting existing VCT or Carpet floors to exposed concrete.

Legacy provides construction professionals that do all forms of flooring including VCT, PVC, Carpet, Polished Concrete and Ceramic Tile.

 In addition Legacy provides Highly Qualified Crews to do concrete Slab Moisture Remediation including Bead Blasting and Epoxying the sub straight before installing VCT and PVC flooring.

Cleaning and Waxing


Legacy supplies personnel in skilled flooring rehabilitation. 

Whether it is an existing location needing re-painting or a new location Legacy can handle the job.  We know how to gear up to get the interior and dryfall done in a timely matter. 

We are fully qualified to do Elastomeric finishes as well as water sealing or Graffiti protection of your exposed rock or brick.  


Legacy wants to be your go-to company for all of your finish work


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