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Our Vision.

We are a fast-paced growing sub-contractor in the commercial construction business. Our team of crews travel nationwide, making us versatile and highly experienced. Our goal is consistent quality work with professionalism and integrity.

C&Ls Legacy Group is a company ready to work hard for your business. Contact us for further information or to request a quote on your next project!


Our Solution.

We work with many General Contractors and Sub-Contractors. We work together to problem solve and get the job done.  We recognize that our job is to make the GC completely satisfied.  When we do that every job goes well.  When we are not perfect we quickly correct our errors and move on with the job.

We have completed jobs from Florida to Maine, and New Jersey to Oregon. Our average store is 150,000 sq. ft. See more for a list of job references.

Our Services.

Our experience includes:

Painting and Restoration, Concrete Slab, Quarry Tile, Ceramic Tile, Resinous Epoxy Floor, Carpet, PVC, VCT, Concrete Polishing, Polyurea Floor Joints, Finished Floor Concrete Repairs, Floor Rehabilitation, Waterproofing, Graffiti Coating, Interior Painting, Restroom and Floor Cleaning, Waxing

We can help you with your next commercial job.

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